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Monday, August 22, 2022

What Makes Each Product Different

Each product are so differently designed such that consumer get all functionality of product but not same design. If let say the design of handphone and computers remain same for 20 years there are no advancement for the items. What create new designs, where are the inspirations from, a lot of time new item designs depends on the electronic parts, to make sure the parts function at most consumer desires, for example you introduced telephoto lens to handphone,what makes the telephoto lens function the best when you ask the electronic components manufacturer then it is the best design. 

Extra designs include introducing extraordinary designs or designs which look too abstract to accept, and let some users use in a survey conducted. Next adjust the designs and only leave the ones which users feel great with it.

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Computer Accessories and Devices Trend Looking Toward Commercial Usage

Computer and all their hardwares we use to know the office or personal computers market, but what about commercial usage, does personal and commercial usage really differs? There are not many computer developers by brands really developing it by means of updating the capabilities of it.

What would it means for Google and benefits for Google, I shall say since the previous blog writing featuring the potential of developing greater personal computer, we will talk further on what more on the commercial computer products. These development of course would be beneficial for self usage of Google and sales of it explore the territories of commercial computer.

What are data centers and what are importance of it, of course it is related to cloud. There is a method to build and to strength test these data centers storage devices and I will explain it further:

To manufacture the data center storage devices first sourcing the components from market, the components in focus are from suppliers which is low profiles and selling at a low prices but has been in the storages industry for many years and you know about their quality and performance. Next up Google will assemble it to form storage devices with all the parts forming a data center.

Testing it, the data center storage devices will be tested by purchasing the equipment from same suppliers supplying the components and you asked the suppliers to modify it so the testing device can test the device until you turn off the testing machine, testing time can be minutes, hours, days and forever. By purchasing the testing machine from the suppliers of components you they will be less incompatibility issues. Then you purchase another machine to test fully assembled storage device and assembled data centers separately from same suppliers.For data center maintenance it would be about purchasing the components from same suppliers for maintenance purpose.

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Computer Products And Improving Designs

We always think what create next phone and other computer products, the phone isn't about following the iphone and just designing what already there but it is more to product creation by product team.

Technical data as a reference to change the specifications by parts available and introduce more parts which not related to phone when designing phone, introducing parts not related to the respective computer products is also a skill in designing.

Looking at latest electronics in markets and preorder it from its manufacturer to the fitting size of parts into the computer products is also another skill or expertise. A lot of it require some time to read the catalogues of electronic components and choose which are suitables and interestings to be introduced into computer products.

Even designers and product team always looking for ways to supplement their skills. To improve skills and supplements it there are several methods to do it:

1. As we mentioned before surveying markets for electronics parts and imagine it as if you are designing products, imagination is important.

2. Company should give some allowance to encourage product team and designers to purchase and try out latest computer products, when they use the products only they can improve themselves from consumer perspective.

3. Encourage the spirit of inventing by asking employees to invent product to solve inconvinience and complex things to improve designing skill, they can take the product for themselve while leaving another set of the product for company, company will provide the materials required in the lab and they can request for more materials required and the budgets varies according to another allowance for inventions.

4. From here we know to motivate invention is important to improve designing skill, window shopping for electronic products just another method if employee not interested in purchasing certain products but it is important to improve designing skill.

5. Always encourage employees to review products in their method, tell how cool the products are, to know if this method is effective just ask employees to talk about their reviews, if effective the employees have very interesting review of the products.

6. Company will selects some latest computer products in market and bring more if there are latest computer products so employees get to use it for a while or few days in company and a display unit for computer products it also varies according to budget. It give more designing creativity to employees.

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Product Designs

What makes good product designs, we want to talk about what is in designs and base on what concepts products designs initiated.

Designing base on the electronics and features 

The air conditioner has new electronic  to give colder air and it can be made into arctic cold, ice cold, winter cold, high mountain cold, according to manufacturer of coldness electronics the different types of cold best functioned with the designs he himself recommended so designers will design according to recommendations they give and adjust it with other features with the aircond, for example the latest phone design has screen so wide due to the touch screen electronics, who knows the design of wide screen will change or better itself when latest feature introduced.

Designing base on the features which favorated by buyers

From survey on buyer and what product team found buyers will favour some features, product team also has a good feeling the buyer will favour it so designer choose the best feature they want and design it to the best look.

Designing to utilize the strengths of products materials

Product team already know this material(s) are so good in some of it such as texture, look and its result from drop tests and other tests so the design will show the strength of its material.

Designing to utilize and emphasize latest product materials

Latest materials available, it produce better looks product and buyer favour the quality and finishes of the material.

Designing to exaggerate and over express the latest product feature

Latest firmwares and parts available, they look so advanced and modern, designer design it in a way to impress the buyer and consumer.

Designing to full extend of products feature(s) available by its latest electronics available

The latest features made available from the parts are so good that designers design it to full extends of product technical data. 

Designing to latest features just invented 

The features are invented by designers and it was adjusted so it does not overlap with other feature and it looks so original when feature is launched and production team is satisfied with the product.

Saturday, February 19, 2022

Product Styling Beyond Its Norm

What are stylings? It means design of the products. You definitely seen a certain product how it changes over the years. You would certainly max out the stylings and design if we say styling above norm. For example tv is rectangle and it is only an entertainment in living room but you style it so it is streaming other contents and use in every places.

To max out the design of products several aspects to look for are:

1. The available materials.

2. The available components.

3. The most unique designs prototypes.

4. Ideas whìch you come across when you are doing surveys for consumer, materials, components, patents you wish to purchase.

Always draw your ideas, so you know what to choose and what to combine. Create several combinations or place all components even it was same components to serve the functions into the drawings, then you remove one by one to reach the complete combinations for the products. Several combinations can be done to produce many products. For example it has 6 functions, you place multiple materials, components for each of the 6 functions, you remove the materials, components one by one until it left one material, component for each of the 6 function.

Remember the labelling for prototypes written in previous writings, place mutiple labels for same fuction and remove one by one until reaching complete combination for the product.

Modifications Of Products

When it is about modification of products we are talking about variants of products. Modifications of products happen when there is a demand for the product and buyer want modifications for it and retaining the name of the product or for other purposes.

Methods for modifications are:

1. Adding newer components to the products.

2. Increase the specifications of products.

3. Choose other brands for its materials.

4. Change the materials.

5. Change the style of the product.

6. Improve its packaging.

7. Completely change the product.

Questions commonly being asked by buyers are:

1. I need something better than this.

2. The product looks good but I want improved consumer impression on the products.

3. The product is doing everything we want it to do but it look basic and bland.

4. I want the packaging to be able to introduce and promote the product organically.

These are usually the questions from buyer, if the modifications is satisfying and it answered certain questions of buyers, the modifications are sure well done.

Thursday, February 17, 2022

Looking For Product Market

Market is created by? Sometimes there are products but doesn't find its customer, sometimes there are customer which can't find products they want or sometimes customers wish to have a products which are not existed and wish they existed so they can buy it. So these conditions are actually the market.

In the prototyping process created many future products. So looking for correct market is important. To do so prototypes need to find its suitable customers and functions.

Since we previously talked about the prototyping processes and creating information for flyers. Therefore engineers and product production team will write informations of the prototypes customers and functions in present and future development.

Customers oriented and functions oriented prototyping will further expand markets for products and prototypes. It works by catering different customers, since we say different customers means different market, it means the product sales increased. Fuctions oriented means each functions is one market. 

In conclusion customers and functions are important in prototyping.


Expand Product Segments

Product segments, to increase sales segments of products can be expanded more. When and how to increase product segments, this will be discussed.

Product segments will be expanded when there are more product to be made, a lot of product demand, expertise in production increases.

To expand product segment new products included usually are product never been made before and products which are interestings, production team and engineer will search for new product segments base on survey and consumer study on common consumer and invented, innovate new product by production team themselves. 

The differences of expansions of products segments are former are looking into product requirement by consumer while the second one has more flexibility in design by production team, 

In production of digital, electronic products example of new segments of products are additon of different concepts and new types of designings such as the smart products when it was launched and introduced last time.

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Improving Number of Prototypes and Its Quality

We know the prototypings are importants and the quality of it need to be enhanced. From idea to prototypes it is not easy, so creating a stage we named prototype enhancing will reduce the burden of prototyping. The procedure would be the engineer will keep drawing the prototypes and create prototypes in plastics as it was the easiest material, we know the prototypes are not enhanced at this stage because we want the protyping process to be fast therefore, it is not enhanced at this stage. Until we go to the next stage which is prototype enhancing.

Fast Prototyping Procesesses

This process will include creating ideas on a paper no matter it was a simple drawing or a drawing with measurements. The most important is giving freedoms to the engineers to prototype. The process also include making a plastic prototype, it will look like a model with stickers writing the functions and electronics that not being installed in prototypes, it was labelled with stickers instead. Drafting process also being given freedom where engineers can make draft with drawings and ideas whereby the prototypes with plastics does not need drawing with ideas in short essay.

Prototype Enhancing Process

To enhance process of the prototype engineers and product development team will add a printed sample of the electronic on paper and stick it on the prototype plastic. The printed sample include the exact outsourced place and the brands. Some available electronics will be added. Certain prototypes already being turned into products. Engineers will include a leaflet with prototype drawing or product picture to introduce product from consumer perspective and another one from the buyer perspective. Buyers from market if they are looking for the  product they will look at the products and semi finished product in the catalogues.

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Appraisal Systems And Motivated A Employee

What are contributions made by employees and how to appreciate them and is more than one managerial level posts and chief engineer is enough? We used to talk in point forms I think it is just an precise way to understand, we will find out more in this blog post.

A lot of time employer forget to ask their employees such as questions:
1.are you tired
2.why you are bored with your work
3.you have been working all days 
4.you deserve an achievement reward

As a result we get a stressful and low motivation employee with a lot of works and unsatisfied works. However this situation can be improved.

First, have multiple managerial level posts and chief engineers or similar level posts to divide task or focused on a particular task, it lessen work burdens.

Secondly, reward your employees on their salary. On how to calculate the rewards it depends more rewards per work completed  produce better and motivated employees.

It is how we look at the appraisal system, does conventional appraisal system remain rational, we think it is outdated and much needed an upgrade.

Bringing The Brand Value To Product Finishing And Creating And Smoother Look of Product

Product often have different categories when you let a consumer survey a product, they would say it was premium, beginner and luxury. Every products are differents. What are the thing to look for when designing these type of good when there are categories of premium, beginner and luxury.

For example you are making electronic parts for Panasonic, this time it was for Panasonic premium products, you are designing the firmware. You added some panasonic designs to its interface so the products interface give impressions of it was panasonic, this is the brand value you added to panasonic. Next, you asked panasonic can we have a look at previous product interface and designs of goods so you retained panasonic brand value in the new design.

Afterwards, Panasonic asked for something completely different and completely new, then you created designs inspired from Panasonic. 

At some times, a completely new and unrelated to the brand designs also work for a particular brand, this is something can't be explained and we have to look into the graphic designs and arts. This is a contrast technique, contrasting design elements we often see when a brand new product being made.


What Makes Each Product Different

Each product are so differently designed such that consumer get all functionality of product but not same design. If let say the design of h...

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